Introduction of Editor/Author


Hello!  Thank you for checking out the site!  My name is Nick Olsen.  I’m an 18-year-old kid from Dayton Ohio with a strong passion for music.  I will be an incoming freshman at Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana!  Beginning this summer I have decided to run and maintain a small music blog site that offers new music every week ranging from small playlists to single tracks all within a range of different genres.  If you’re a big scream or country fan then, I want to apologize, this probably isn’t the place to be for you as those are two genres I don’t know much about and, for that matter, have much interest in hearing (no offense to those that like the genres).  IMG_4825I listen to music every day of every week all year long and am somewhat obsessed with it ( shout out to my family who has to deal with the constant tunes).  Listening to music has been a passion of mine but, having made a variety of mash-ups and begun the road of “DJing”, I am intrigued by all things music and a new music culture of my generation that I think I’ve had a solid understanding of and want to see what others think.  My goal is to make this a site that people can come to when they get bored with what they’re listening to on Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora, etc.  I’m a huge advocate of Soundcloud, however, I respect all other music media platforms.  The music I find is from Soundcloud since it’s largely a factory for pumping out new music every hour.  You’re bound to find something new there!  I hope everyone enjoys a few of the songs and will send me a message on my Facebook, Soundcloud page, or Instagram linked below of what they like or dislike about the page!  Thank you and enjoy!